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Rebar couplers act as a substitute for traditional rebar overlapping. They can be applied in several applications

With rebar couplers, columns can be casted at full height, resulting in faster construction cycle.

Without couplers, lap length is required for continuation bar connections. The formwork needs to be tailor made with holes for rebars, often resulting in concrete leakage.

Without couplers, the casting of core wall can only be done floor by floor, along with slab. Couplers will simplify the construction!

Couplers not only eliminate unnecessary rebar cost and rebar wastage up to 10%, but they also reduce the congestion of rebar at lapping area.v

Couplers help maintain load path and structural integrity, and reduce cost of overlap length of rebar.

Bending and unbending the bars require more tools and may cause the risk of bar break. Couplers make the installation of continuation bars easier.

To connect pre-fabricated cages, caging couplers are a more flexible and fast method than traditional bar welding.

The use of couplers results in a faster construction cycle and rebar connection.

When space is limited on project site to install a tower crane for the construction of high-rise buildings, an opening in the floor slabs is required. By leaving bridging couplers inside the slabs, the reconnection is easy and time-saving.

The lack of protruding bars on main pier allows for the use of climbing or slipping formworks for faster construction cycles.

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