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CSR: Elderly Home Renovation in China’s Longjin Community

We’re thrilled to share that our dedicated team of 15 volunteers in China recently visited the Longjin Community in the Liwan District of Guangzhou City. Together, we renovated 2 homes and visited and cleaned 4 more, all to bring joy and comfort to our elderly neighbors living in hardship.

In collaboration with the Harmony Community Foundation, Dextra China has initiated the “Renovate Old Houses, Rebuild New Lives” CSR project to provide financial support to 2 elderly families with urgent home issues like water leaks and mold. The project aims to renovate or repair their living spaces and provide cleaning services for 4 additional families. The 6 families were identified by the Local Social Committee of the Liwan District, Guangzhou, as being in special hardship, including widows and orphans.

As a result, community leaders presented a plaque of appreciation to Dextra, while resident representatives presented thank you banners.

During a group sharing session, our volunteering members made several comments: “CSR is not limited to financial support for the disadvantaged; it also encompasses humanistic and spiritual care.” “Each helping hand not only helps others but also reaps growth and satisfaction for ourselves.” “The CSR experience made us appreciate our jobs even more.”

Our mission is to make a positive impact on our community, and we couldn’t be prouder of our team’s hard work and compassion. Thank you to everyone who supported us on this meaningful journey. Let’s continue to build a better, kinder world, one step at a time!

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