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Dextra’s Quarterly Newsletter: Connection #10

Landmark 81 rises above Ho Chi Minh City’s skyline

81-storeys tower to become the 11th tallest skyscraper in the world

Landmark 81 is a high-rise tower project located on the bank of the Saigon river in Ho Chi Minh City’s Bing Thang. The project is owned and developed by Vietnamese Vincom Group.

The tower, whose construction started end of 2014, is expected to reach a height of 461 meters, thus becoming the highest building in Vietnam and 11th tallest tower building in the world.

For Landmark 81, Dextra is supplying its Bartec® coupler system to contractor Coteccons. Bartec® system has been approved by MACE International, owner’s representative, and ARUP, structural consultant on the project.

In total, 250,000 Bartec® couplers are being used for vertical rebar connection in the core wall and columns as well as for horizontal applications such as core wall-to-beam and core wall-to-slab connections.

The use of Bartec® rebar couplers allows the climbing formwork to move up without disturbance from protruding bars as well as connect the starter bars of the slabs in a very productive manner. These techniques, combined with state-of-the-art concrete monitoring, allow very fast construction cycles as short as 35 hours per floor.

For the connection of steel columns to concrete beams, Dextra supplied 20,000 weldable couplers.

The construction is supported on site by three sets of Dextra Bartec® equipment which are being maintained by Dextra and operated by Dextra’s distributor in Vietnam, Lotus Greentech.

The construction has now passed level 35 (of 81) and will be completed in 2018.

Rolltec Stainless couplers for the new iconic Champlain Bridge in Montreal

3-km-long bridge spans over the Saint Laurence river

Reinforcing highway girders with post-tensioning bar systems 

New highway north of Bangkok takes advantage of Dextra PT systems

Post Tensioning Bar systems are highly customizable and versatile solutions allowing for multiple applications in bridge/viaduct construction.

Dextra has recently supplied customized PT systems to Thai contractor Highcrete. These are used to reinforce the precast girder segments used on the Bang Pa In – Saraburi – Nakhon Ratchasima highway in the North-East of Bangkok.

The PT systems, made of hot rolled deformed high-tensile bars (FT bars) Ø36mm, allow for the vertical reinforcement of the precast segments, with up to 14 sets per girder element.

Each bar will be jacked and put under the required tension from the top of each element while on the ground. After that the girder is lifted and installed in its final position.

Permanent corrosion protection will be achieved by filling a galvanized duct around the bar with grout.

New Algiers Grande Mosque

The dome structure relies on Dextra Tension Bars for cross-bracing

The new Djamaa El Djazair Mosque of Algiers is a huge construction project located in the eastern part of the capital city of Algeria. It will feature the world’s tallest minaret with a height of 265m.

Further to this, the large complex will be able to accommodate as many as 120,000 worshippers.

Dextra supplied more than 800 structural tension bar assemblies with diameters ranging from M16 to M56 to China State Construction Engineering Corporation, the main contractor.

These are used for the cross-bracing of the roofing structure of the domed prayer room.

Each tension rod is painted in white to match the interior design of the mosque. Bracing discs (top left picture) add to the special architectonic finish of the structure.

Precast construction > new Groutec S range

Compact shape version fits even thin precast elements

Dextra has expanded the range of Groutec, its rebar splice designed for the quick and easy connection of precast elements.

The new Groutec S (“Slim”) features a narrower body that makes it apt for use even in very thin precast panels, walls or columns. Thanks to its compact design, Groutec S also allows extra savings on grouting mortar, making its use even more economical.

For contractors that need to work with larger tolerances, the Groutec standard range, rebranded as Groutec L, remains available.

Connecting wall panels in precast residential construction

Dextra offered Groutec to the Plum condominium in Bangkok

Rebar coupler attributes upgraded for Tekla 2017

Better visual identification of bars with threaded ends now possible

Dextra recently issued a new release of all its rebar coupler tools to upgrade to the latest version of Tekla.

The new Tekla version allows a clear visualization of threaded bar ends, making it possible to see for example the extended threads on position splices.

Tekla attributes are available for download from Dextra website.

Team site visit at Bangkok International Airport

New Dextra team members visited the new satellite terminal site in June

Bottom left >> Bar ends threaded with Bartec® system and protected by caps.

Bottom right >> Protruding part of D-Wall, with Bartec®, couplers for horizontal connections.

There is nothing like a field trip to a construction site, especially when it leads to a new terminal of one of the biggest aviation hubs in Asia!

Many thanks to contractor ITD for welcoming a delegation of new Dextra team members and showing them around Suvarnabhumi’s new satellite terminal site: a great opportunity to witness Bartec® coupler applications and threading operations in real site conditions.

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