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Dextra’s Quarterly Newsletter: Connection #11

Forest City builds on Dextra precast solutions

The new city is rising on the Southern tip of Malaysia across from Singapore

Forest City is a massive mixed-use urban development located close to Johor Bahru in Southern Malaysia. The development is built on reclaimed land on the shores of the Johor Strait.

Dextra has been involved since the early phases of the project as suppliers of the Groutec S precast connection solution.

Groutec S is the recently introduced slim version of the well-known Groutec L coupler. Its compact design allows it to fit into thin precast elements.

The sleeves simplify the connection of precast elements (e.g. columns or panels) to the structure of the 38-storey towers, thus speeding up the construction cycle.

Both Groutec models consume significantly less grout than other grouting sleeves on the market and do not require proprietary grout.

Viaduct construction in seismic environment

The Bol-Boljare project aims at boosting Montenegro’s economy

The Bar-Boljare Highway is a key infrastructure project led by the Ministry of Transportation and Maritime Affairs of Montenegro and built by China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC). The 2×2 lanes highway spans over 40km, in seismic environment.

iNGEROP, the consulting firm on the project, required the rebar couplers to comply with ISO 15835 requirements (cyclic requirements as per class S2). For that reason, CRBC chose Dextra Bartec® solution for reinforcement connection.

Soft-Eyes installed at Singapore Marine Terrace Station

A future part of the Thomson-East Coast Line

Four large diameter soft eyes have been installed in the diaphragm wall cages of the new Singapore MRT Marine Terrace Station during August 2017.

Soft-Eyes are made of GFRP rebar, which is used to substitute the steel reinforcement in the D-Walls of construction shafts. When the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) breaks through the D-Walls, it easily cuts the GFRP bars, saving time on project schedule and money on equipment usage.

Dextra has been the pioneer of this application since its first use in the Bangkok metro project in 1998 and has extensive experience for in-house design and manufacturing of Soft-Eyes.

The D-Walls installed on Terrace Station also feature Bartec® rebar couplers, a common application which allows for the horizontal re-connection of the station slabs.

Dome of Fuqing-5 reactor installed

An important milestone for the construction of the power plant where Dextra is supplying its Griptec solution

Fuqing-5 is the first reactor that uses the Hualong-1 design which is 100% Chinese.

The contractor China Nuclear Industry 24 Construction Co.,Ltd. has chosen Dextra Griptec solution for the connection of the steel reinforcement on the reactor building.

Dextra has a proven expertise to handle those demanding nuclear projects in terms of production capacity, certification, technical applications and on-site service.

The Griptec equipment has proven to be highly adequate for nuclear projects due to an integrated testing system that verifies each single connection produced. Its short cycle times (less than 40 seconds) allow high productivity levels while requiring only one operator.

Jizan Refinery oil terminal

New project on the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia seeks to transform the region

Jizan Refinery & Terminal is Saudi Aramco’s latest oil mega project and part of the Jizan Economic Area.

For this terminal, Dextra engineered and manufactured marine tie rods that were used for the anchoring of the combi walls of the quays.



In total, Dextra delivered 412 tie rod sets in size M98, steel grade 500. The rods were connected to both walls by means of Dextra’s unique captive nuts solutions.

Captive Nuts allow a convenient angle of adjustment of 5° in all directions.

Award for Dextra at Mumbai 

CIA World Builders & Infra 2017

Dextra has been awarded “Best Company in innovative construction methodology” at the CIA World Builders & Infra Awards 2017 ceremony.

This award acknowledges the technical solutions brought by Dextra to the Indian construction industry in the recent years. Mr. Suniil Desai, General Manager of Dextra India, received the award at the ceremony.

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  • The expansion of the world’s largest oil refinery.
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  • Two nuclear projects based on the EPR reactor design.
  • Two stadia used in different FIFA World Cups.

New logistics facility in the United Kingdom

Dextra has recently opened a new logistics center in Newport, UK. The facility will be used as Dextra’s spare parts inventory for the European market and offer a better overall experience to our customers. Newport will also serve as a base for our European after-sales team which maintains all Dextra equipment at distributor yards and construction sites all over Europe.

Dextra charity run in Bangkok

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