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Dextra’s Quarterly Newsletter: Connection #18

The future rail network of Singapore

The Thomson-East Coast Line is a highly ambitious MRT project in Singapore, interchanging with all existing lines.

With a total length of 43 km and comprising 32 stations, it will be one of the longest driver-less rapid transit lines in the world.

The vast majority of megaprojects suffer from delays that cause both cost overruns and benefit shortfalls: this is why our Soft-Eye GFRP solution has been the preferred choice for the biggest underground transit projects in the world, providing a cost-effective and time-efficient solution.

ASTEC Combination Bolt

The Combination Bolt is our latest product, the ideal solution for temporary applications on projects where mining excavation is required:

  • 2x more tensile strength than steel, for only 25% of its weight
  • resistant to acidic and alkali environments
  • can be easily cut by common excavation equipment

More about our latest projects


France – Trinity Tower        

Rebar couplers were provided to this 140-meter-high office tower, built in the heart of the business district of La Défense, Paris.

Vietnam – Bach Dang Bridge

The construction of the first all-Vietnamese designed mega infrastructural project applied over 100 post-tensioning bars.

India – Ahmedabad Metro

Sonitec tubes have been installed to verify the concrete integrity of the foundations of this strategic metro rail project in India.

CAD/BIM Tutorials on YouTube

Our CAD/BIM team has designed several tutorials on how to use our libraries of tools.

Find out more about Dextra new videos on the official YouTube channel.

Need support? Contact Dextra BIM team

Download our tools for FREE on our website:

A new (Thai) new year ahead of us!

Songkhran day is recognized as the Thai New Year, falling each year on April 13th.

Water takes the stage during these festive days, from the joyous water fights on the streets of Bangkok, to the “Rod Nam Dam Hua”, a ritual where water is poured on the hands of revered elders.


All employees at Dextra Manufacturing joined the celebration, resulting in a communal and positive experience for the whole Company.

Our People

“I am proud of supporting our clients: we are able to deliver more economic solutions to our customers so they can work more effectively.”

– Mr. Zhong, Sales Manager

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