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Dextra’s Quarterly Newsletter: Connection #2

Record production achieved!

Bangkok factory setting a new record in rebar coupler production

Our production has achieved new record figures for 6 months in a row with an average production of more than one million couplers a month. This performance has been made possible thanks to recent improvements on production lines as well as full commitment of our production teams.

Also in Bangkok, HR and Quality department teamed up to organize the 3rd edition of Dextra Manufacturing annual “Quality & Safety Days”, a crucial part of a long-term strategy to boost Quality and Safety. This 2 day event is dedicated to the promotion of safety practices and quality awareness through numerous activities for factory operators and office staff.

With main Quality and Safety KPIs improving consecutively over the last 3 years despite a large increase of the production volume, efforts are paying off! Congratulations to the teams!

Success at the first
World Nuclear Exhibition!

Dextra demonstrates its high quality standards in Paris

Dextra exhibited at the first World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris from 14 to 16th of October this year.

During the 3 days we demonstrated on our booth the use of our Griptec GP40 rebar equipment, processing bars of various diameters in front of our customers and visitors, including French Prime Minister Manuel Valls.

Griptec is a unique rebar splicing solution engineered to match the special nuclear industry requirements. Griptec rebar preparation equipment features a unique process testing and guaranteeing 100% of the rebar prepared.

A full range of solutions for rebar caging

Pick the right coupler and boost your caging efficiency!

Rebar cages prefabrication is one of the key solutions to reduce construction cycles and deal with congested sites. Dextra specializes in innovative coupler solutions that make cage assembly faster while guaranteeing full performance that exceeds your project requirement.

There are two main ways of assembling cages with Dextra couplers:

I.  Cages pre-assembled and fabricated together, use a “Position Coupler”

II.   Cages fabricated separately. Take advantage of our Caging Splice

Doha Metro: Dextra swept the board!

Bartec splices will be supplied on the new 4-lines transportation system

Doha Metro will be the new rapid transit system of Doha, capital of Qatar. The complex and ambitious project is composed of four lines being built simultaneously. It will feature more than 60 stations and 160km of line in total!

​Doha Metro will take advantage of numerous Dextra technologies. Our Bartec couplers have been selected for all lines currently under construction, i.e. Red Line north, Red Line South, Green line, Golden line plus the “Main Station” package.

Dextra will also provide Samsung-OHL-QBC consortium with GFRP Soft Eyes, ground anchors for soil stabilization and Sonitec pipes for concrete integrity testing..

Completion of the four lines is expected by 2019, making the transportation system fully ready for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar..

Jamnagar, the world’s largest refinery

The phase 3 of the expansion of the world’s largest refinery now almost completed

The Jamnagar Refinery of Reliance Industries Ltd. is the world’s largest refinery. The complex, located in the Indian state of Gujarat, spreads over more than 3000 ha, a city of its own! Its production capacity is already of 1.2 million barrels per day.

​Since beginning of 2014, the plant is undergoing a major expansion process for which Dextra delivered more than 1.5 million Bartec couplers.

Furthermore, 20,000 Unitec couplers were used in the cooling towers, while 70,000 Groutec couplers were installed in the pre-cast pipe racks.

Phase 3 of Jamnagar expansion is planned to be completed in 2015.

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