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Dextra’s Quarterly Newsletter: Connection #22

Melbourne Metro project: a showcase of Dextra solutions


The Metro Tunnel is a major enhancement to Melbourne’s rail network, a multibillion-dollar project comprising the design and construction of twin nine-kilometer tunnels and five underground stations.

The stations are designed based on the architectural character of the local area.

Dextra has been selected as a one-stop solution supplier, thanks to its wide range of products.

The numbers are impressive:

  • 400,000 Griptec rebar couplers
  • 5,300 GFRP Combination Bolts
  • 900 GFRP soil nails
  • 16 Soft-Eyes

Dextra was able to support and share their expertise on GFRP at design stage and produce the GFRP solutions as per the owner expectation.

Coupler performance tests at elevated temperatures


The Imperial College London tested Dextra Bartec/Fortec and Griptec couplers at elevated temperatures to evaluate how the couplers would perform in case of a fire.

Highlights of the test include:

  • The findings indicate that current codified rules can be used for assessing the strength and stiffness properties of both non-spliced rebar and rebar connected with Bartec/Fortec or Griptec couplers.
  • At temperatures below 400°C the ultimate tensile strength and stiffness of Bartec/Fortec and Griptec splices, as well as un-spliced rebar is not significantly affected.
  • When tensile tested at temperatures below 500°C, failure still generally occurred in the rebar outside of the Bartec/Fortec or Griptec coupler region.

More about our latest projects


One Nine Elms, United Kingdom                              

Griptec and Sonitec solutions were supplied to ensure structural safety and integrity of the iconic towers.

Strengthening of Captain Cook Bridge, Australia

In collaboration with Freyssinet, Freyssibar+ was the best smooth post tensioning bar for the job.

Zakhr City, Saudi Arabia                                                   

3,000 fully threaded steel Rock Bolts were applied to secure the loose rock mass created after excavation.

New Tension Rods design tools!

To facilitate the work of designers and consultants, our team develops and continually improves intuitive tools for AutoCAD, Revit and Tekla users.

The updated Tension Rods systems were added to the Dextra design tool ranges, along with new tutorial videos.

Take advantage of our easy-to-use components, available for free download!

Interview with World Success Solutions

“We have been growing together and become one of the top mechanical splicing system providers in Malaysia, supporting many key customers, both local and international.”




Meet World Success Solutions Sdn Bhd (WSS), an engineering product solutions company in Malaysia that provide one stop service to local customers.

Find out why they have chosen Dextra since their first mega project in Malaysia

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