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Dextra’s Quarterly Newsletter: Connection #23

The tallest precast tower in India

Developed by Aurobindo, Galaxy Towers is a 24-storey precast office building in Hyderabad, India.

The project is expected to be built in half the time of a comparable conventional cast-in-situ construction, illustrating how the precast technology has gained ground thanks to its efficiency.

Dextra supplied a critical part of the precast structure of this special building: the Groutec coupler, a half-grouted sleeve designed for the connection of precast elements.

By installing Groutec couplers into the precast columns and walls at the precast factory, the fast and safe connection of walls or columns is achieved by injecting cementitious non-shrink grout into the sleeves at site.

More than 100,000 Groutec couplers have been delivered.

Upon completion, it will be the tallest office tower in India built with precast technology.

Dextra America launches US-made Sonitec CSL tubes

Dextra America has launched a US-made “push fit” designed sonic tube system for Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL) testing of concrete. Sonitec tubes facilitate the integrity testing of foundations and are compliant with ASTM D6760, Buy America and Buy American Acts.

In the USA, Sonitec® comes in two different models:

  • Sonitec Plus is a 2 inches Schedule 40 steel pipe with an enlarged end in a bell mouth shape for instant connection: it makes for quick and easy push-fit installation. It is produced in compliance to AASHTO standard.
  • Sonitec Slim sports a lighter design, with a thinner wall thickness and a diameter of 2 inches, resulting in over 70% weight reduction. It also features the same push-fit design for quick and easy installation.

Both models are tested and qualified in the U.S.A. and withstand pressure exceeding 725 psi.

The relentless worldwide expansion of Unitec

Dextra Group is proud to announce that Unitec is now IAPMO-certified in North America, from bar sizes #4 to #14. Its innovative design is able to fit both grade 60 and grade 80 using the same model as a type 2 coupler solution.

Contact Dextra team in US

Moreover, Unitec is now DIBT-certified in Germany, from diameter 12mm to 28mm. This completes the European coverage of Unitec certifications, along with AFCAB and UK Cares (both in tension and compression), further consolidating Unitec as THE repair coupler solution worldwide.

More about our latest projects


Pumarejo Bridge, Colombia

Rolltec couplers were provided for the reinforcement of pier and deck of the country’s longest cable-stayed bridge.

Maitree Super Thermal Power, Bangladesh

The coal-fired power plant includes 400 assemblies of marine tie bars to connect pile caps and waling beams.

Jizan Flood Mitigation, Saudi Arabia

Almost 2 million meters of the corrosive-free GFRP rebar were delivered as a perfect solution for the flood channel.

Headed Bar calculation tool (ACI 318) released!

We are pleased to announce the release of the Headed Bar Calculation Tool as per ACI 318, available for:

  • Bartec – ACI 318 (imperial/US)
  • Rolltec – ACI 318 (imperial/US)
  • Bartec – ACI 318M (metric/world)
  • Fortec – ACI 318M (metric/world)
  • Rolltec – ACI 318M (metric/world)

This document will allow designers to easily calculate the minimum edge and spacing requirements, confinement reinforcement and if necessary, rebar bond contribution for Dextra headed bars.

Simplify your work and take advantage of Dextra tools!

GFRP rebar technology featured in South African Institution of Civil Engineering magazine


Dextra GFRP rebar technology is featured in the April 2020 issue of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE) magazine.

The article provides guidance on the design of lateral support systems using FRP rebars as soil nails or ground anchors.

Fiber-reinforced polymers are increasingly used in mining and tunneling projects as they provide high performance while being easily cuttable, corrosion-free and lighter in weight with respect to steel rebars.

New Marine Tie Bar design tools!

Dextra Marine Tie Bars are used in port and harbour construction to anchor waterfront structures. Acting as an anchorage to tie back a sea wall to an anchor wall, they can be made compatible with all sheet pile profiles, combi walls and concrete diaphragm walls.

These CAD/BIM tools allow designers to quickly and accurately model and detail building structures by importing the provided components to the software of choice.

Take advantage of our easy-to-use components for AutoCAD, Revit and Tekla, available in all dimensions and grades!

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