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Dextra’s Quarterly Newsletter: Connection #24

MSG Sphere is a 18,000 seat, sphere-shaped music and entertainment venue being built in Paradise, Nevada, near Las Vegas Strip.

The 360-feet tall and 516-feet wide sphere is being built on 18 acres off Sands Avenue between Manhattan Street and Koval Lane.

Dextra Bartec rebar couplers and headed bars have been used to connect and reinforce columns, core walls and beams of the building’s structure.

Bartec® mechanical splicing system is certified in the USA as “type 2” with ICC-ES and meets CALTRANS “Ultimate” performance requirements.

now available worldwide!

We are very proud to present you a fully grouted precast connection solution: Groutec F!

This product that is designed for the connection of precast elements, without the need of threading, available for rebar sizes 12-43mm (#4-#14).

It can connect two precast columns, beams or walls either horizontally or vertically.

Site assembly is performed by injection of non-shrink grout into the cavity.

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Big Box Retail, United Arab Emirates

Groutec couplers embedded in the precast panels of the building made the assembly on site easy and fast.

Bezons Viaduct, France    

Dextra and its local partner Freyssinet supplied Tension Rods to ensure the stability of the 2,000 tons bridge structure.

Hatta Pumped Storage Hydro Power Plant, UAE

Rock bolts, combination bolts, soil nails have been selected to support the tunnel excavation and for slope stabilization.

Download now! Groutec F design tools

To facilitate the work of designers and consultants, our team develops and continually improves intuitive tools for AutoCAD, Revit and Tekla users.

The new Groutec F couplers for precast element connection without the need of thread preparation were added to the Dextra design tool ranges.

Take advantage of our easy-to-use components, available for free download!

Webinar: Challenges and Opportunities for Ports

We were very proud of participating in a new Transport Events webinar on “Current Challenges and Future Opportunities for Ports and Shipping in ASEAN”.

Dextra introduced solutions for port expansion, featuring Marine Tie Bars and Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) rebar.

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