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Dextra’s Quarterly Newsletter: Connection #25

The West Gate Tunnel is a four kilometer toll road in Melbourne, Australia that will link the West Gate Freeway with the Port of Melbourne and CityLink via twin tunnels, a bridge and an elevated road section.

The viaduct is being built on 300 post-tensioned concrete piers of varying heights. For each pier, vertical post-tensioning bars are connected to a dead anchorage embedded in the foundation of the pile.

Dextra was in charge of the fabrication of more than 1,000 tons of such bars, grade 1080, with nominal diameters of 72mm and 55mm, and 7,500 anchorages, installed on site by our partner, Freyssinet Australia.

Dextra Webinar


On April 22nd and 28th, Dextra kickstarted its own webinar series with insightful discussions on how to design with headed bars in accordance with Eurocode 2 and ACI318 principles, as well as giving practical advice and information about their use.





Feel free to access the webinar recordings here:


Richard Goodman

Technical Manager, Dextra Europe

More about our latest projects


Bang Pakong Power Plant, Thailand                    

A wide range of Bartec and Groutec rebar couplers were used to reinforce and connect precast columns and beams.

Paradip International Cargo Terminal, India         

370 tons of Marine Tie Bars were installed to connect with concrete diaphragm walls to retain the structure.

Deep Tunnel Sewerage System Phase 2, Singapore

The extension of the tunnel system required rock bolts and soft-eyes for the excavation and breakthrough.

Focus on: Wind Turbines

The construction of wind turbines is an elaborated endeavor, and manufacturers are continuing to scale up their projects, building larger and taller structures to increase efficiency and ROI.

As a result, the blades of the biggest wind turbines on the market have already exceeded 100 meters in length, with turbines’ total heights of more than 200 meters.

In order to face this construction challenge efficiently and effectively, several Dextra solutions can be used:

Anchor bolt systems 

for windmill foundations

Post tensioning bars 

for the splicing of steel pylon

Weldable couplers 

for the reinforcement of the turbine raft

Headed bars 

for vertical reinforcement of foundations


for anchoring the concrete raft into the ground

Dextra at Mega Infrastructure Summit India

The Mega Infrastructure Summit was held in Bangalore, India, on April 6th and 7th, marking one of the first physical construction events organized since the beginning of the pandemic.

Dextra showcased its high-performance product ranges, installed in some of the most iconic infrastructure projects of India, from underground metros to bridges, highways and tunnels.

The event attracted a strong number of attendees, a first step toward the return of construction-related physical exhibitions.

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