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Dextra’s Quarterly Newsletter: Connection #26

Delhi Metro is the largest and busiest rapid transit system in India, serving Delhi and its satellite cities. Phase 3 will add 35 underground stations and 3 new lines.

The total length of the 54 km underground corridors in Phase 3 are more than the total underground sections in phase 1 & 2, making it a challenge for construction in this densely populated city.

Glass Fiber Reinforcing Bars (GFRP) have been used for the numerous “soft-eyes” in diaphragm walls of several stations, which has facilitated the excavation of underground tunnels by TBMs.

Astec™ Active Anchors (AAA) have also been used as temporary stressed anchors in retaining walls in replacement of traditional strutting, this enhancing greatly the accessibility during excavation work.

Moreover, Bartec™ rebar couplers and Dextra post-tensioning bar systems were installed in various parts of the construction.

The UK CARES TA1-A certification is the latest addition for our Unitec repair coupler, which is recognized as a versatile and highly dependable solution for the splicing of in-situ rebars without bar-end preparation.


With this highly demanding 2 Million cycles fatigue certification, Unitec is now certified for use in the construction of bridges, highways, and viaducts in the United Kingdom.

More about our latest projects


HS2 Long Itchington Wood Tunnel, United Kingdom

A 1-mile twin bore tunnel at Long Itchington Wood required Griptec for the connection of rebars in diaphragm walls, slabs, pile caps and portals.

Manila International Container Terminal, Philippines

Marine Tie Bars were installed as an anchorage to tie back the main concrete wall casted to a sheet pile anchor wall of the Berth 7 expansion project.

King Salman Energy Park, Saudi Arabia              

A new industrial city project in Saudi Arabia used Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) rebars to reinforce building structures and sidewalks.

Solscope Exhibition

Dextra took part in Solscope, the reference trade fair on geotechnics, drilling and foundations, which took place in Lyon, France, on June 23-24, 2021.

A full range of ground engineering products were showcased, including Sonitec™ for Cross Sonic Logging testing of deep foundations, steel and GFRP rock-bolts and anchors for tunneling and mining works, and GFRP soft-eyes for underground tunneling.

The exhibition brought together around 2,000 visitors, 150 exhibiting companies and 200 congress participants.

Download now! Post-tensioning bar design tools

To facilitate the work of designers and consultants, our team develops and continually improves intuitive tools for AutoCAD, Revit and Tekla users.

The new post-tensioning bar tools, including smooth bars and fully-threaded bars have been added to the Dextra design tool ranges.

Take advantage of our easy-to-use components, available for free download!

Webinar Recap

Dextra organized a live webinar on “Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Rebar for Permanent Applications”, introducing the characteristics of FRP, key considerations in designing, applications for permanent use and economics comparison with conventional techniques.

Catch up with the insightful webinar here:

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