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Dextra’s Quarterly Newsletter: Connection #28

Cairo Metro is the rapid transit system in Greater Cairo, Egypt. It was the first of three full-fledged metro systems built in Africa, as well as the first in the Arab world.

The system currently has 74 stations, 3 of which are transfer stations, with a total length of 89.4 kilometers. There are 3 operating lines in the system, numbered from 1 to 3.

Cairo Metro Line 4 will be built as a new underground line that will help to alleviate traffic congestion. Phase 1 will run for 19 kilometers and include 16 stops, connecting the heart of Greater Cairo to Giza’s pyramids.

Dextra has supplied turn-key solutions for the reinforcement of the diaphragm walls.

  • 450,000 Bartec+ couplers
  • 42 GFRP soft-eyes

It is projected to be Egypt’s major tourist transportation line, with service up to the Pyramids area beginning in 2024.

GFRP Connector

for insulated precast sandwich panels


Suitable for composite, partially composite and non-composite precast concrete sandwich panels.

Manufactured with optimum bonding with concrete thanks to dual surface deformation and sand coating.

Stronger than steel, therefore fewer number of ties are needed compared to other methods.

Lighter than other connectors and easier to install, leading to higher sandwich panels productivity.

Made of corrosion-resistant material: GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer) leading to slimmer panels.

More about our latest projects


Kursk II Nuclear Power Plant, Russia

Bartec standard and transition couplers, and headed bars, were installed in the reactor buildings.

Queensland Curtis LNG (QCLNG), Australia            

307 tons of marine tie bars serve as an anchorage for the marine offloading facility’s anchor walls.

Reconstruction of Pak Kok Pier, Hong Kong

Dextra delivered over 600m of GFRP rebars in straight and bending shapes for the reinforcement of the ferry pier.

Fully-threaded bar tools available for download!

Dextra post-tensioning bar (PT bar) system consists for a high tensile steel bar together with accessories, such as couplers, nuts washers, bearing plates.

Both smooth and fully-threaded bars, are available to best suit the project application for either temporary or permanent works.

The fully-threaded bars now come with tools for AutoCAD, Revit and Tekla to facilitate the design and detailing of structures by importing the components to the software.


Requirement of Rebar Coupler as per ISO 15835

Dextra shared its knowledge on coupler standard compliance in Malaysia and around the world in the latest webinar: “Requirement and Application Solutions of Dextra Rebar Coupler as per ISO 15835 In Compliance to CIDB Schedule 4 Order 2021”, organized by the Master Builders Association Malaysia, on November 29, 2021.

Dextra Group donates to COVID-19 relief fund in India

Dextra Group donated INR 15 Lakhs (20,000 US$), which was converted from the running distance of our charity virtual run event, to Dr. Sudin Gaikwad, the Deputy Secretary of the Maharashtra Chief Minister’s Relief Fund for COVID-19 in India in October 2021.

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