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Dextra’s Quarterly Newsletter: Connection #34

The World’s Largest Aquarium,

Reinforced with Bartec and GFRP Rebar, Now Opens to the Public!

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, the highly anticipated marine life theme park and animal research facility, has recently opened its doors to the public in May 2023. Located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, this project marks the first SeaWorld to be established outside of the United States.

Dextra provided a large number of Bartec couplers, which were crucial for the connection and reinforcement of columns, beams, and slabs throughout the park. These reliable couplers ensure the structural integrity of the various elements within the park’s structure.

In addition, Glass Fiber Reinforcement Polymer (GFRP) rebars were utilized in the overlay slabs of the swimming pools, effectively replacing traditional steel rebars. This choice is motivated by the superior durability and corrosion-resistant properties of GFRP, making it an ideal material for structures surrounded by water.


Dextra’s Unwavering Commitment to Sustainability

Dextra marked a significant milestone as it celebrated four decades of innovation and success alongside its esteemed partners in the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, China, and Hong Kong. The company hosted exclusive events as a gesture of appreciation for their unwavering support and collaboration throughout the years.

The celebratory events were a success, filled with memorable moments and expressions of gratitude. Dextra’s partners, representing a diverse range of projects around the world, joined in and shared their stories of success, highlighting the pivotal role played by Dextra’s innovative solutions and services.

Speaking at the events, Mr. Jean Marie Pithon, Chairman & CEO of Dextra, expressed his appreciation for the longstanding partnerships and acknowledged their invaluable contributions. He emphasized the company’s commitment to fostering mutually beneficial relationships and providing continuous support to our loyal partners and customers.

As Dextra’s global celebrations continue, its upcoming celebration will be held in India later this year to honor its Indian partners for their steadfast support, while also showcasing its latest innovations and vision for the future in this region.

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Trilogy Limassol Seafront, Cyprus

Bartec couplers and headed bars provide reliable and robust column and slab connections and reinforcements in all three towers.

Altamira Port Terminal Expansion, Mexico

Marine tie bars were chosen to anchor sea walls during the expansion while Sonitec was used for the CSL testing of the quay’s foundation piles.

Cross Tay Link Road, Scotland

Sonitec was also provided to this road bridge project to check the structural integrity of the piles, ensuring its stability and safety.

Recent activities

Bartec CREAM Certified!

Bartec coupler has just received certification from the Construction Research Institute of Malaysia (CREAM) under Category B&S in accordance with ISO 15835:2018 for diameter 12-40mm. Dextra is the first manufacturer of rebar couplers to qualify for Category S in Malaysia, addressing seismic applications and the ability to withstand cyclic loads.

Dextra Interview with Ritta Thailand

Mr. Panitan Tepnikorn, CTO of Ritta, a prominent construction company in Thailand, gave us an exclusive interview in which he shared how Ritta adapted to changing construction trends through precast systems.

Dextra Showcases Port Solutions in Istanbul

Dextra participated as a speaker and exhibitor at the Black and Caspian Sea Ports & Shipping 2023 on July 4-6, in Istanbul, Türkiye, and shared our expertise on the use of composite and steel materials, as well as precast technology in marine structures.

New Testing Machine Now Operational

A brand-new fatigue testing machine is now operational at our laboratory, complementing our existing tension-compression cyclic testing machine and two static tensile testing machines. The addition of this equipment will allow us to meet the growing demand for fatigue testing, especially in high-speed train projects.

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