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Dextra’s Quarterly Newsletter: Connection #37

The San’ao Nuclear Power Plant units 1 and 2, featuring advanced HPR1000 Hualong reactors, are key components of China’s strategy to expand its nuclear power capacity to meet growing energy needs and reduce carbon emissions.

Dextra has played a crucial role by supplying Griptec couplers for the anti-aircraft impact shell construction. Griptec is a reliable splicing system trusted by over ten nuclear reactors globally, known for its stringent quality standards and exceptional performance.

Griptec was delivered along with high-productivity bar end preparation equipment, which processes each bar end in 30-45 seconds, significantly enhancing efficiency. This equipment requires only a single operator, optimizing workforce utilization.

Additionally, Dextra is the first manufacturer of civil works construction products with an ISO 19443 certified quality management system for nuclear safety, underscoring their commitment to the highest safety and quality standards.

More about our latest projects


Pelješac Bridge, Croatia

The bridge connects the mainland to the Pelješac Peninsula, replacing ferry services, using Fortec couplers to connect pile cages for stability.

Hong Kong Airport Terminal 2

The terminal expansion relied significantly on post-tensioning bars for the connection of jacking towers and the heavy lifting of roof structures.

AVE Palencia-Santander,

Dextra supplied Sonitec for the project, facilitating structural integrity tests on concrete piles, ensuring the project’s robust foundation.

My Home GRAVA Hyderabad, India

The 43-story towers, one of the world’s largest precast developments, use Groutec and Bartec for precast concrete connections.

Precast Overhead Tanks: Revolutionizing Water Storage in India

The Jal Jeevan Mission by the Government of India is a flagship initiative aimed at ensuring the availability of quality drinking water to every household in rural areas. This mission emphasizes the importance of water management, infrastructure development, and community participation.

With partnership between Larsen & Toubro (L&T) and Dextra, we are proud to contribute to this noble goal through innovative construction technologies, providing precast construction and the use of Groutec and Bartec couplers, which have proven effective in building overhead water tanks across various regions.

Dextra Leads the Way in Sustainable Solutions: EPD Verified!

We are the first in our industry to independently verify a wide ranges of solutions Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

Our rebar couplers, GFRP rebars, marine tie bars, steel ground anchors, steel self-drilling rock-bolts, steel combination bolts, and the most recently verified Sonitec have EPD reports and are officially listed on the EPD International AB and EPD Hub website to ensure minimal life-cycle environmental impact.

Learn more about our ongoing contributions to environmental sustainability by following this link.

Recent activities

Clean and care for elderly in Longjin, China

Dextra team in China, with 15 volunteering team members, successfully renovated two houses and cleaned four homes for the elderly in Longjin Community, Guangzhou, bringing new hope and care to these families.

$23,000 contribution to India’s rural development

Dextra team in India has contributed over $23,000 this year to support community, including healthcare, education, and economic empowerment, making a positive impact in rural areas and government hospitals.

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The newest addition to PT Bars: CR Bar 1080!

Stay tuned for the launch of our newest addition to the fully threaded post-tensioning bar range: CR Bar 1080, a Grade 1080 quenched and tempered bar featuring a cold-rolled thread for pre/post-tensioning of concrete structures.

Upcoming events

CE&CR Annual Awards, India

2 Aug 2024

MBAM OneBuild, Malaysia

28-30 Aug 2024

Port Development Summit, Thailand

10-11 Sep 2024

DFI-India Annual Conference, India

19-21 Sep 2024

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