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Dextra’s Quarterly Newsletter: Connection #5

Qatar Mega Reservoir now on the way!

More than 300,000 epoxy-coated couplers already delivered

Qatar’s General Electricity & Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA) is currently building an ambitious new structure which aims to store the equivalent of 7 days of national consumption of fresh water at WHO (World Health Organization) standard’s quality.

5 brand new reservoirs of 3.5 million m3 each are currently being built, among the largest of their kind in the world.

For this ambitious project, Dextra Middle East already delivered more than 300,000 Bartec coupler to the fabricators and contractors involved on the different packages.

Project requirements regarding corrosion protection specify that the complete reinforcement should be epoxy coated. All Bartec couplers also fulfil this requirement, giving them a distinctive green look.

Couplers are used in the raft and columns all over the different reservoirs as a way to avoid steel congestion and generate savings.

The first phase of steel works construction scheduled is expected to be completed within 3 years.

Architectural Bar Systems product range updated

A new stainless tension bar design and more diameters are available!

Dextra has enhanced its Architectural Bar Systems range, which consists of 3 main products in different steel grades:

  • Carbon Steel Tension Bars (from M16 to M162)
  • Carbon Steel Compression Struts (M16 to M113)
  • Stainless Steel Tension Bars (from M16 to M108) with a new fork design (picture above).

For more information, please refer to the updated documentation.

AutoCad & Tekla tools available
for Bartec / Griptec / Rolltec & Groutec couplers

Dextra releases a new update for its Autocad & Tekla tools

Dextra is releasing a full update of its rebar coupler design tools for Autocad (from version 2010) and Tekla (from version 19 ).

The new Autocad Palette tool will allow you to quickly insert couplers in your drawings, modify sizes even after insertion, track quantities and run bill of materials.

Tekla components allow drag-&-drop inside your workspace with automatic rebar size recognition to save time.

The whole Dextra range is supported (standard/position, transition splice, caging assemblies, headed bars and Groutec for precast applications).

Groutec precast couplers for office buildings in London

Dextra Europe supplied Byrnes Bros with Groutec couplers for the connection of precast panels

The London building market is one of the most dynamic in Europe. UK contractors increasingly take advantage of the benefits of precast technology to speed up construction schedule.

In London, for the new London Wall Place office building, Byrnes Bros used Groutec couplers to connect their precast panels more quickly and efficiently, without the need for wet joints.

Find out about Groutec coupler in our brochure

Rio Airport increases parking capacity using Rolltec

Rolltec was used in column and beam precast elements

Dextra Brazil recently supplied contractor Odebrecht with Rolltec rebar couplers for the construction of new car parks supporting the growth of Rio Galeão International Airport, Brazil’s second largest airport in number of passengers.

The precast manufacturer CPI Engenharia has built precast elements with protruding Rolltec-threaded bars. Rolltec couplers are then used in the connection of precast column and beams, saving time on construction schedule.

Construction is aimed to finish at the beginning of 2016 in time for the Rio Olympics.

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