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Dextra’s Quarterly Newsletter: Connection #6

World’s highest tower on the way (up)!

The tower which will soon become the highest building in the world is currently being built in Saudi Arabia.

Jeddah Tower (previously called Kingdom Tower) is expected to break the one-kilometer mark, making it 180 meters higher than the Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai,

The tower structure has been engineered by consulting firm Thornton Tomasetti and is built by contractor Saudi Bin Laden, to which Dextra is delivering through the support of its partner Bahra Steel.

Jeddah Tower will ultimately host a 200-rooms Four Seasons hotel, service apartments, several floors of offices and an observatory. A total of 59 elevators will allow visitors to move between floors.

To support this engineering prowess, Dextra is proudly delivering Bartec Couplers for both foundations and superstructure packages. Two main types of Bartec couplers are used: Standard and Bridging, used for cage connections.

Architectural Bars: Extra-long tension bar systems at BITEC

The new expansion of Bangkok’s exhibition center uses assemblies over 50 meters long

Dextra supplied contractor Italian-Thai with tension bars to support the roof structure of the expansion of BITEC, a leading exhibition and convention center in central Bangkok. Installation has already started and will finish this year.

Dextra delivered 298 assemblies in various diameters, each composed of multiple bars connected with couplers and turnbuckles and anchored to the structure with fork ends, with total assembly lengths in several cases exceeding 50 meters long (average 33 meters).

For such large structures, tension bars offer a number of advantages compared to other “tensioning” solutions: lower elongation under loads, lower post tensioning forces required, better resistance to corrosion, reduced long terms relaxation and reduced maintenance and surveillance costs.


Couplers and headed bars in oil & gas precast pipe

racksRebar couplers are fastest and most reliable way to assemble precast pipe racks

After Reliance Jamnagar Refinery in India, the largest in the world, Dextra has now started supplying another massive petrochemical complex, Petronas’ RAPID (Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development Project) in Malaysia. Those two projects highlight the benefits of using rebar couplers and end anchors to quickly raise pipe rack structures.

First, in foundations and long precast elements, standard rebar couplers can be used to connect the reinforcement.

To connect precast elements together without need of in situ joints, the best solution is to take advantage of Groutec, a hybrid coupler solution featuring a threaded end to connect reinforcement and a large cavity for grouting.

Groutec couplers are commonly used for vertical applications: at the footing of column, or in the structure for the vertical connection of beams and columns.

Alternatively, Groutec can also be used horizontally together with headed bars to connect a beam to a column. Please contact us for more information.

New metro lines in France:
Expansion of Paris Metro Line 14 and new Rennes Line B

Dextra supplied multiple packages on both projects with its Fortec rebar couplers

Expansion of Line 14 is part of the Grand Paris Express urban transportation plan. The fast subway line’s expansion will soon cut through Paris to go all the way North to Saint Ouen. Dextra supplied more than 70,000 Fortec couplers used in the stations of Orsay and Pont Cardinet.

In Rennes, Western France, Dextra is successfully delivering Fortec and Rolltec rebar couplers in all four packages constituting the 15 stations and 12.6 kilometers (part elevated, part underground) of the new Line B of the Rennes subway network. Couplers are used in various locations such as retrieval shaft, stations and trenches between stations.

Expansion of Manila’s North Luzon express way

Dextra has started supplying rebar couplers for the extension of the elevated 2×2 lanes North Luzon Express Way, located in the North of Manila. “NLEX” is major infrastructure development in Philippines, and part of a broader 84-km road network aiming to decongest metropolitan Manilla and give better access to the capital’s ports and airports.

Dextra is supplying fabricator Steel Asia Manufacturing and contractor Leighton with Bartec couplers of diameters 28 and 36 used vertically to connect reinforcing bars in pylons. Couplers are also embedded in the precast girders for future connections, ensuring continuity with cast in situ cross head beams.

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