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Dextra’s Quarterly Newsletter: Connection #7

Bridge across Kuwait Bay

Clever solutions for piling works on the Doha Link project

Piling and equipmentsDoha Link is a 12.4km project connecting Kuwait City (from Shuwaikh Port) to Doha Area. It will ultimately solve traffic congestion and offer a direct itinerary between the two areas thanks to a 7.7km bridge built on shallow waters across the Kuwait Bay.

Two different Dextra solutions are currently used for the piling works on the Doha Link project:

>> Rolltec® couplers for large diameter rebars (32, 36 and 40mm) are used onshore and offshore for the connection of cages and piers. Two grades of rebar are used across the project: ASTM Grade 60 and Grade 80. Rolltec being compatible by design with the higher ASTM Grade 80, same couplers may be used on all applications, simplifying stock keeping. In addition, smaller diameters couplers for rebars 12mm and 16mm are being used in the superstructure and the footing of light poles.There are currently 4 actively running Rolltec threading equipment on site. Dextra team provides continuous support to the contractor GS Engineering & Construction to maintain rebar production at the productivity level and quality standards required.

>> Sonitec®. With large piles of 2.5m diameter and 60m depth in average, it was compulsory for GS E&C to conduct sonic logging tests to examine the integrity of concrete piles, requiring to install 8 tubes in each cage. Dextra Sonitec was the preferred choice of the contractor thanks to its light weight and unique Push-Fit® connection feature. Sonitec provides enough flexibility during the cage construction, lifting and assembly to remove needs for additional time-consuming welding operations.

Doha Link, which delivery is expected on time end of 2018, will also be linked through an interchange to Jaber Causeway, another bridge project located north of Kuwait City, on which Dextra is also supplying its solutions.

Composite Active Anchors for Doha Metro

CFRP anchors and Soft-Eye combined for an easy TBM breakthrough

For underground works, e.g. metro stations, ASTEC Active Anchors can be used in combination with D-Wall Soft-Eyes to temporarily anchor the retaining wall during excavation works. At TBM breakthrough, the CFRP (Carbon-fiber–reinforced polymer) anchor tendons will be cut together with the Soft-Eye, saving an important amount of time and work.

For the Mshereib Station, 150 multi-tendons Active Anchors combined with 8 ASTEC Soft-Eyes have been supplied to the SOQ Joint Venture (composed of Samsung C&T, Obrascon Huarte Lain & Qatar Building Company), and under the supervision of consulting firm Mott MacDonald.

Next generation of threading equipment ready for roll-out

Dextra’s new model of thread-rolling equipment for rebar end preparation is now available.

From the rebar introduction, all operations are now automated until thread completion. The operator can just step back and monitor the work being done!

Threading times have been reduced drastically to reach a mere 20sec per bar end on average.

Furthermore, on-board computer now allows to retrieve a wealth of data, including machine status monitoring and production statistics.

Higher grades that ease the job

BESIX chose Dextra Marine Tie Rods Gr. 700 for Douala’s Quay 51 extension

Belgian contractor BESIX recently installed Dextra marine tie rods and accessories on Pier 51 (a 165 meter quay wall) of Douala Port in Cameroon. The diameter of the bars could be reduced on this project thanks to the use of Grade 700 steel rods, allowing a higher performance-per-ton ratio, making onsite handling and installation significantly easier.

Tension bars for flying tents

The Dextra tension bar range for architectural applications is designed with flexibility in mind so designers can fully express their creativity. No other range on the market offers such a large selection of diameters, accessories and finishes. It’s all about finding the right combination to match your design.

Higher steel grades will also allow to keep your bar structure as thin and discreet as possible.

This is the solution chosen at Sabah Al-Salem Kuwait University City, where more than 1,000 tension bar sets are supporting the floating tent-shaped structures that provide shades to all parking areas.

Running for good

Peak24 is an annual race in Hong Kong raising awareness about human trafficking

Congratulations to our Hong Kong and Guangzhou colleagues Aileen, Jenny, Shirley, Michelle, Steven, Kelvin, Keefe, Michael, Owen and Navy for running in the name of Dextra at PEAK24, an annual charity race raising awareness and funds against human trafficking.

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