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Dextra’s Quarterly Newsletter: Connection #8

Heavy lifting of offshore viaduct elements

Dextra systems are used for the new Route du Littoral project, Reunion Island

On the French island of La Réunion (located 700 km East off the coast of Madagascar), a joint venture composed of contractors VINCI Construction Grands Projets, Bouygues Travaux Publics, Dodin Campenon Bernard and Demathieu Bard, is currently building a new offshore elevated 2×2-lanes viaduct of 13 kilometers, which aims to replace the older unsafe road structure, located along the coast and frequently damaged by rockfall.

For this large project, VINCI is operating a large custom-made platform named “Zourite” to position, lift and sink heavy precast bridge piles – an engineering challenge considering the individual weight of the elements: up to 4,800 tons for the base of piles!

The JV members and Dextra worked together to design a lifting system based on M64 smooth bar systems in high performance grade 930/1080, with each system withstanding loads up to 200 tons.

each anchored to concrete thanks to 8 Dextra bar systems.

A total of 32 bar systems are anchored directly into the concrete base of each pile and post-tensioned using a hydraulic rotary jack before lifting.

Once the base reaches its final location, the top part of the anchorage is dismantled by divers so it can be reused for the installation of other piles.

The first piles have been installed at the end of August. A total a 48 piles will support the Route du Littoral viaduct, all lifted thanks to more than 1,500+ Dextra bars.

Bangkok’s MahaNakhon

inaugurated in a storm of light

Bangkok’s MahaNakhon tower, the highest residential tower of Asia and the highest tower in Thailand (314 meters), was inaugurated at the end of August with a spectacular light show!

Bangkokians were able to witness the light emanating from the pixelated areas of the facade several consecutive nights.

For the construction of the tower, Dextra supplied contractor Bouygues-Thai with Bartec rebar coupler solutions and rebar preparation services. Couplers were used for the connection of the core wall to the mega columns. Bartec End anchors were also provided for the 5.0 to 9.0 meters thick mat foundation.

In addition to couplers, Dextra Architectural Tension Bar systems have also been installed in the rooftop skybar.

Grand Paris Express:

Composite Active Anchors installed

ASTEC Active Anchors have been installed by Franki Foundations & Atlas Foundations for stabilizing excavation works of the Bagneux station (Metro M4 extension and future M15), in the North of Paris. The solution has been approved for this project by engineering consulting firm SYSTRA.

ASTEC Active Anchors are the preferred solution for subway stations works as Tunnel Boring Machines and earth-moving equipment can simply cut the anchors’ FRP tendons at any stage, eliminating any need of unreliable and costly removal of anchors.

After numerous successful projects in the Middle East, this was the first time ASTEC Active Anchors were installed in Europe.

Multitower residential complex

built at precast speed

Dream Acres is a large residential complex (330,000 sq. m. area) located east of Bangalore in India.

The ambitious real estate program features 13 towers of 14 floors built in a record time thanks to the use of precast elements produced in a state-of-the-art purpose-built factory next to the construction site.

Groutec couplers are employed for the swift connection of precast elements either to a footing or directly to another precast element. Groutec couplers advantageously splice load-bearing elements together, ensuring a high performance connection and speeding up installation compared to more traditional wet in-situ joint methods.

The Bartec coupler system is used across Dream Acres for cast-in-situ applications as well as inside the precast elements. Dextra India also provides all rebar preparation services.

Congratulations to developer Sobha Ltd. for already completing the first towers ahead of schedule.

The Dextra teams are looking forward to more successful precast and in-situ connections on the next phases of the project!

Support for AutoDesk Revit 2017

AutoDesk software now features a dedicated tool to insert rebar couplers

Autodesk recently released the latest version of Revit, its main 3D drawing and architectural software. The 2017 version of the app now includes a new rebar couplers and end anchors tool, directly available from the tool bar.

To support this new feature, Dextra released all its coupler range in Revit Product Family format so it is now very simple to browse and insert couplers into your structure.

All Revit Family attribute files can be downloaded directly from the Downloads section of Dextra website after registration and log in. All instructions for installation are available into the package.

Contact our BIM team at [email protected] if you have any question regarding the use of our tools.

Bangkok teams running for charity

A charity run for the Thai Liver Foundation took place on 9th of October

67 runners from Dextra’s Bangkok Factory and Headquarter office have joined a charity run in favor of the Thai Liver Association on Sunday 9th of October.

The event took place at Suan Luang Rama 9 park, a large area located a few kilometers away from Dextra’s main factory.

Congratulations to the Dextra team for completing this challenge and successfully raising awareness and donations for the Thai Liver Foundation.

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