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Dextra’s Quarterly Newsletter: Connection #9

Icon Siam, new heights on Bangkok’s riverside

Double tower project aims to give back its glamour
to the banks of the Chao Phraya

On the right bank of the Chao Phraya river, the Icon Siam complex, consisting of two towers and a shopping mall, is currently reaching for new heights.


The two towers are expected to reach 280m (SuperLux Tower) and 315m (Magnolia Tower) respectively. The Magnolia Tower will thus be slightly taller than the MahaNakhon Tower, Bangkok’s tallest building since 2015.


Dextra is supplying Thai-Obayashi (contractor of the shopping mall structure) and Italian-Thai (contractor of both towers) with its Bartec rebar splicing solution.


Dextra engineers performed operator trainings and do preventive maintenance directly on site to guarantee maximum output in thread production.


In total, more than 800,000 Bartec rebar couplers and 20,000 Bartec Headed Bars are being used in foundations and superstructure in the following applications:







L-shaped dowel bars (wall-slab connections)

This is a typical application used in foundation D-Walls to avoid protruding rebar. it is also used in the superstructure to allow the sliding formwork to climb up without any disturbance

Substitution of hooked bars with end anchors

When the wall reinforcement is especially congested, the use of Headed Bars (also called end anchors) allows to anchor the reinforcement in the wall without the need to produce hooks.

Double-ended connection in shear-walls

This solution allows to create a continuity inside the column or wall by bridging two horizontal slabs or beams.

Welded couplers for composite structures

Sometimes it is necessary to start reinforcement from the steel structure. In that case, weldable couplers are the ideal solution: Made of a low-carbon steel, they can be welded easily and allow connection to a threaded rebar.

Riyadh Metro progress

Dextra supplied multiple packages of this new urban transportation system

Riyadh Metro is a massive urban transit system project under construction in the capital of Saudi Arabia

The new transportation system will feature 85 stations, built along 6 lines, for a total rail length of 176km.

It is expected that the system will serve at least 1 million passengers daily at its inauguration in 2018.

For this large infrastructure project, Dextra has been involved in several stations and packages.

Anchoring station perimeter walls

Splicing rebar across station

1/ Ground Anchors

During the excavation phase and before proceeding with the general construction works, the retaining walls of the excavation area need to be anchored to the background. This will prevent any wall displacement and guarantee the safety of operations.

For that purpose, Dextra supplied steel ground anchors installed at the station perimeter. Each system is based on a high-tensile fully threaded bar, coming with nut and plate, and grouted to provide bonding with the soil.

2/ Unitec bolted couplers

Bartec, the leading coupler solution in the Middle East, was used for rebar connection in slabs, columns and wall connections.

Unitec bolted couplers have also been used on various parts of the project. Typically, Unitec is applied when the rebar cannot be threaded and lap lengths are too short for a correct splice.

In such cases Unitec provides a convenient and full performance connection, while only requiring a standard impact wrench to lock the connection

The sky is the limit!

Discover the list of the tallest building Dextra ever worked on!

Do you know them all?

BITEC roof tension bar systems > Installation complete!

298 tension bar sets now support the roof of the exhibition center’s expansion,
with tendons exceeding 50 meters length

Facebook Menlo Park > Phase 2 👍

Foundation works of Facebook campus expansion going full speed with Bartec

Facebook is currently undergoing the phase two of its headquarter expansion in Menlo Park, California. Dextra is involved supplying its renowned Bartec rebar splicing solution.

Bartec couplers are used for the vertical connection of cages used in the foundation piles.

In complement to the Bartec couplers, the threading service for this project is provided by Dextra’s local partner and fabricator Gerdau, which is running the rebar preparation operations with Dextra equipment from their workshop.

Did you know…

… there is a Dextra Group division specializing in project forwarding?

Dextra Transport, part of Dextra Group, is a division specialized into XXL industrial project forwarding. Our expert team guides customer with project cargo forwarding solutions, involving large modules through through every step of the way: from the engineering behind the lifting, sea fastening, project planning, insurance, custom and of course operations coordination.

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