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Sonitec Achieves EPD Certification

Sonitec is now EPD certified and officially listed on the EPD Hub website, joining other previously certified Dextra solutions.

$23,000 Contribution to Healthcare and Rural Development in India

Dextra team in India has donated over $23,000 to support essential healthcare and rural development, impacting local communities.

Dextra Joins France Alumni Day 2024 in Thailand

The event featured a "Study & Job Fair," connecting attendees with French and Thai companies. We met so many participants at our booth!

Dextra and Arkema Forge Partnership to Revolutionize Composite Solutions

The partnership marks a step towards the future of construction, aiming to drive the adoption of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP).

Fortec+ Hong Kong Buildings Department Approved!

Fortec+ has received approval from the Buildings Department (BD) of the Government of Hong Kong. Contact us to elevate your projects today!

Dextra Achieves New Milestone for Hinkley Point C Project

Dextra has successfully provided 2.5 million Griptec connections and 3 million headed bars for the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant in UK!

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