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Рельсы, метро и туннели

As a frontrunner in FRP technology, Dextra leads the way in providing innovative solutions for underground stations.

Our renowned Soft-Eye solution is engineered and supplied by Dextra to facilitate tunneling breakthroughs and safeguard TBM heads, ensuring efficient and secure excavation processes.

In the construction of underground stations, Dextra’s rebar coupler solution is used for reinforcing D-Walls, slabs, and columns, ensuring structural integrity and durability. Additionally, for skytrain projects, our Sonitec technology offers a reliable solution for pile testing, while post-tensioning bars serve as a dependable choice for lifting or permanently stitching precast elements.

With Dextra’s cutting-edge technologies and commitment to excellence, we continue to redefine standards and drive progress in infrastructure development.

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