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Roofs and Facades

Roofs and Facades

Typical Applications

Support of large steel or glass structures such as roofs or facades

Used when structural members have to take compression loads

Our Solutions

Tension Rods Systems

Supporting structures in tension

Dextra’s Tension Rods systems are usually purchased complete with fork end clevises suitable for connection to the host structure. Typical applications include hangers and supports, cross-bracing, and truss tensioning elements. Several different steel grades and surface finishes are available to fit all project technical and aesthetic requirements.

Compression Struts Systems

The Dextra Compression Strut system is designed specifically to take compression loads. It consists of a circular hollow section (CHS) complete with fork ends, making installation and site length adjustments convenient and simple.

Compression Struts are available in two versions: Architectural and Non-Architectural. Both versions allow for length adjustment.

Thread diameters range from M16 to M103.

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