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For our nuclear customers, Dextra provides more than just rebar coupler solutions. We accompany designers, consultants, and contractors through every step of their nuclear journey: from the early stage of compliance and product certification to the selection of the best solution. We will then provide our expertise for the design and support by making our tools compatible with your BIM systems. Our site operations also include operator training, preventive maintenance on Dextra equipment, and production-level monitoring. Dextra will make sure your project is on track.

Oil & Gas

Dextra has a long experience in oil & LNG terminals in the seas of the Middle East and South East Asia. We deliver the marine tie bars solutions required for land reclamation or new quay structures. For land projects, our rebar couplers can be used in the foundations and structure of precast pipe racks. Our Groutec solution especially will make it possible to connect precast elements at a faster pace, speeding up project delivery.


Concrete dams require a large amount of reinforcement steel, Dextra rebar coupler and equipment help contractors save man hours and time, while being easy to operate in even the most remote areas. Our Passive Ground Anchor range will stabilize soils around the dam to ensure safe operations.



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