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Ground Anchoring

Ground Anchoring

Retaining walls for excavations are vertical structures that only allow limited deflection.
Typically, pre-stressed active anchors are preferred. High-strength tendons anchored to the retaining wall on one end and to the ground on the other end through a bulb of pressure-injected grout named ‘bond length’.


Slope Stabilization
On soil-covered slopes, the soil is constantly moving downslope due to gravity, therefore larger displacements have to be considered. Typically passive anchors are preferred.
High-strength tendons are fully grouted from the face of the slope into the stable ground.


Group (41)

Permanent application

Group (42)

Double Corrosion Protection system

Group (43)

Temporary application

Group (44)

Single Corrosion Protection system

Why use Dextra Ground Anchors?

About Dextra Ground Anchoring

Dextra Ground anchors​

Is a load transfer system designed to support structures, most commonly used in geotechnical and construction applications.​

Temporary and permanent applications

Can used in both temporary or permanent applications, including supporting retaining walls, stabilize slopes etc.​

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