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Architectural bars

Architectural Bars

Dextra’s compression and tension bars are designed to not only meet the technical needs of the structure, but also be esthetically pleasing adding to the modern look of the finished project.
With a wide range of sizes, accessories, steel grades and various finishes, our solutions will exceed your expectations in all aspects.


Group (26)

Ductile design

Group (27)

Quick to be installed

Group (28)

Full range of accessories​

Why use Dextra Architectural Bars?

About Dextra Bars Systems range

Featuring a wide range of sizes and accessories in various steel grades and in both carbon and stainless steel with various finishes, Dextra tension rods and compression struts meet the engineering and design requirements of consultants and architects alike. 

Bars & accessories​

Dextra manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of steel bar systems suitable for concrete, ground engineering and structural steelwork applications.​​


Although based on a standard range of sizes and accessories, customization as per project requirement is available upon request.​​

Engineering support​

Every project is unique. The Dextra Bar Engineering team is available to support you in order to supply a system meeting your  project requirements.​​

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