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Typical Applications

Connection of two rebar which haven’t been previously prepared (not thread)

Where neither bar-end preparation to form threads nor bar rotation is possible

Our Solutions

Bolted coupler without rebar preparation

Unitec® is a bolted splicing system designed for the connection of two rebars that have not been previously prepared (no thread).
Each Unitec coupler features a long hollow body that will bond with rebar. Several screws will lock both bar ends and complete the connection.
Unitec is designed to be operated with a standard impact/pneumatic wrench.

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For repair or retrofit works

RepairGrip system is a portable system designed to splice bars in situ. It is a simple and proven method to splice bars that did not have their end shop prepared.
The RepairGrip sleeve is swaged onto the bar ends by a hydraulic tool powered by a separate power unit. The resulting connection guarantees at least 100% of nominal tensile strength on reinforcing bars grade 500 MPa.
RepairGrip splices are butt-to-butt splices that are suitable for both tension and compression applications.

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