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Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Compliance

At Dextra, environment management is a systematic process carried out throughout the whole lifecycle of the product.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable Supply Chain

The material we use for our products is made of recycled steel.

We evaluate and rate the environmental performance of the steel mills we work with and propose our customers solutions adapted to their environmental needs

Sustainable production plant

We always prefer sustainable production processes: Our engineered bar threads are processed with zero steel waste.

Our couplers manufacturing processes offer a reduction of the raw material weight of 23% and a reduction of the steel waste of 21%.

Our GFRP production lines and our couplers production lines are equipped with hoots directing the air to a filtering system.

We are equipped with our waste water treatment plant allowing us to exceed the environmental standards set by the local regulation agencies.

All our plants are managed through a proactive environmental management system. Our Guangzhou plant and our Bangkok plants are ISO14001 certified. Our Pune plant certification is planned for 2025.

We maintain a comprehensive library of Environmental product declarations so that we can communicate transparently on the GHG emissions of the products of our catalog, as well as monitor regularly our progress in terms of decarbonization. Our EPDs are available upon request.

Our EPD Reports

Dextra Rebar couplers:                                EPD International

Dextra GFRP Bars:                                        EPD International

Dextra Marine Tie Bars:                               EPD-Hub

Dextra Steel Ground Anchors:                   EPD-Hub

Dextra Steel Self-Drilling Rock-Bolts:      EPD-Hub

Dextra Steel Combination Bolts:              EPD-Hub

Dextra SONITEC:                                           EPD-Hub

Dextra Post-Tensioning Bars:                    EPD-Hub

Dextra Tension Rods:                                   EPD-Hub

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