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After Sales Services

Bringing the world’s best support to your project​.

Dextra has over 45 after-sales engineers worldwide dedicated to offering support within 24 hours.

Local inventory & accelerated delivery schemes

Dextra holds physical inventories on several continents, complemented in each country by the local stocks of our distributors.

With this extended network, Dextra makes sure our products are always within reach and available at reasonable times.

Local specialist and global expertise

To complement our physical presence, Dextra team members are also organized to serve your project in the best way possible:

From our regional hubs, our team of specialists will be able to advise and guide you through all important steps of your project, from the design phase to project completion. Our in-depth knowledge of local markets, national construction codes, and building materials is key to assessing and advising you toward the right solution.

Should you require more in-depth analysis or a different look at things, we may also fly in our global experts, organized per technical domains: concrete solutions, precast, nuclear, ground engineering, and bar systems. Experts offer their support so our customers can take full advantage of Dextra’s extensive project experience and at the same time benefit from the best practices in construction across the globe.

Local engineers for training and maintenance

In some rebar splicing, we will offer to install our rebar preparation equipment directly to your production site. To do so, our equipment has been designed with mobility in mind. Our Fortec sets for example have been designed to be shipped and operated as containers, easing transport and allowing “plug and play” operations. With experience of dam projects in Amazonia or remote nuclear projects, there is no place too far or too remote for us!

To commission the equipment, deliver training, and perform preventive maintenance, local aftersales engineers, operating from our regional hubs, travel frequently to our customers’ sites to coordinate operations with operators and technicians. With Dextra, you get the peace of mind that the equipment installed will be running smoothly and deliver the expected thread production all along your project timeline.

After Sales Activities

  • On-site production supervision  
  • Remote equipment supervision
  • Corrective, preventive & predictive maintenance services, on-site or from remote 
  • Deployment of continuous improvement solutions to keep our equipment up-to-date
  • Customer full-scale audit (5M) & productivity booster 
  • Local sourcing for spare parts 

Remote Support

Dextra has 45 After sales engineers worldwide at the ready to assist our partners and customers..

Once a request has been logged, an engineer will be assigned to contribute to remote diagnostics with on-site operator assistance, enabling swift issue resolution without any time loss.

Our personalized support ensures prompt contact (within 24 hours ), enabling our clients to optimize production timelines and reduce troubleshooting costs.

Customers and partners can expect to receive immediate, expert assistance without the need for on-site visits


At every moment of your customer journey, Dextra teams dedicate themselves to the production of smart construction solutions that allow our customers to reach higher productivity and safety levels on their construction sites.

An independently accredited material testing laboratory, accredited to ISO-IEC17025, is located at Dextra’s main Bangkok factory, allowing the testing of materials and products.

Dextra aims to supply products that exceed the most demanding international technical approvals and it is our goal to create maximum customer satisfaction by complying with our clients’ needs and specified requirements.

From 3 major industrial sites located in Bangkok (Thailand), Guangzhou (China), and Pune (India), Dextra completely owns its manufacturing facilities and processes. This allows us to have complete control over the timing of our operations and the quality of the solutions produced.

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