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Deep Foundation

Deep Foundations

For cross-hole sonic logging (CSL) testing
Crosshole sonic logging (CSL) is a method to determine the structural integrity of drilled shafts and other concrete piles. Sonitec is the only steel pipe system specifically designed and manufactured for this testing method.


For micro and mini piles
By definition, micro and mini piles are respectively less than 300mm and 1,000mm in diameter. These narrow-profile foundations require high steel-grade reinforcement bars to develop strength with minimum space.
Micropiles based on fully threaded bar systems are the best answer to this need and come even in “Double Corrosion Protection” (a.k.a DCP) for permanent structures or aggressive grounds.


For macro piles
The fastest and safest way to splice steel cages for deep foundations is by using rebar couplers (see solutions). To complement our rebar splicing offer for foundation piles & cages, Dextra also supplies solutions for the concrete integrity testing of foundations, which is usually required.
The most common way to proceed is by “Cross-Hole Sonic Logging” using probes together with Sonitec™, a thin-wall steel pipe system featuring a push-fit assembly.


Group (49)

For temporary, semi-permanent and permanent applications

Group (50)

Fast & easy to handle by operatives

Group (51)

Easy visual inspection at site

Group (53)

Practical & economical

Why use Dextra Tunneling Solutions?

About Dextra Sonitec

Smart cold-forged manufacturing process

Rigid and robust tube connections, high resistance to shocks.
Fully automated deformation with more precision and consistency.

Better sealing methods

The rubber gasket is replaced by an O-ring.
The O-ring is installed Inside the pipe and fully protected from UV & mishandling.
Standard O-ring, easy to replace (not glued).

Clear engagement for tube to tube connection

A physical and visual stopper.
Chamfer end on male side, easy and smooth engagement male to female.
Tools provided to recreate chamfer on cutoff.
No sharp edges and much safer for the job operations.

Better end cap solution

Metallic cap with a compact design, high resistance to extreme temperature & UV.
The cap performance is equivalent to tube-to-tube connections with the use of the provided O-ring.
Rubber cap (without steel) is still available as a top cap.

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