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$23,000 Contribution to Healthcare and Rural Development in India


We are thrilled to share that our team in India has contributed over $23,000 this year to support vital community initiatives through our CSR activities!

  1. Donation to Pranav Foundation to support essential dialysis services at government hospitals, ensuring critical healthcare reaches those in need.
  2. Support the rural development programs of ALOG Welfare Foundation by visiting the villages of Ghole, Vaghadi, and Bharad near Charoti (approximately 130 km from Mumbai towards Boisar) and engaging in various activities:
    • Distributed food to elderly residents.
    • Provided qualified teachers and volunteers for English language classes for village students.
    • Offered bag stitching training for women, empowering them with opportunities for economic independence.
    • Distributed wheelchairs to people with disabilities.

We’re proud of our team’s commitment to making a difference and fostering positive change in these communities. Together, we are building a brighter future! 💪🌍❤️

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