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Architectural Bars for Sabah Al-Salem Kuwait University City

Dextra Architectural Bar Solutions are used around the world in a variety of applications: roof structures, façades, pedestrian and road bridges.

Our range is designed with flexibility in mind so that architects and designers can fully express their creativity. No other tension bar range on the market provides such a choice of steel grades, diameters, accessories and surface finishes. It’s all about finding the right product to perfectly match your idea.

One of our latest references in the Middle East is the Sabah Al-Salem Kuwait University City. Tension Bars are anchoring the tent-shaped structures which provide shades to all parking areas.

More than a thousand tension bar systems have been installed across the campus. Steel grade 700 has been systematically preferred in order to use smaller bar diameters (M16 to M33) and accessories. This makes the anchoring less visible and enforces the impression that the “tents” are floating above the ground.

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