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Awarded at Mumbai CIA World Builders & Infra 2017

Awards Dextra has been awarded “Best Company in innovative construction methodology” at the ceremony of the CIA World Builders & Infra 2017. This award acknowledges the technical solutions brought by Dextra to the Indian construction industry in the recent years. Mr. Suniil Desai, General Manager of Dextra India, received the award at the ceremony.

Dextra has more than 16 years presence in the construction Indian market, offering its full construction range, including Concrete Reinforcement splicing systems (Bartec) and equipment, Tension Bars solutions, Post Tensioning Solutions, and new innovative Ground Anchoring solutions coming in steel and FRP material.

For more information, please contact Dextra India Mumbai office
Dextra India's General Manager receiving the CIA award
Dextra India's General Manager delivering a speech

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