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Deliveries for Riyadh Metro stations

riyadh metro

Riyadh Metro is a massive urban transit system project under construction in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The project will feature 85 stations, built along 6 transit lines, for a total rail length of 176km. It is expected that the system will serve at least 1 million passengers daily at its inauguration in 2018.

For this large infrastructure project, Dextra Middle East has been involved on various stations and packages.

Excavation works

Before proceeding with general construction works, during early excavation phase, it is required to anchor retaining walls back into the stable ground in order to prevent any wall displacement. This will allow to keep excavating in a safe environment.

For that purpose, Dextra supplied steel ground anchors installed through retaining wall. Each system is based on a high-tensile fully threaded bar, coming with nut and plate, and grouted to provide bonding with the soil.

Raft & Vertical connections

Bartec rebar couplers were supplied for the works in the stations. Couplers were used for slabs, column and wall connections. A typicall application on this project is to cast rebar couplers in the concrete with reinforcement, and then proceed with second phase bar connection at a later stage.

Unitec bolted couplers can have also been use on various parts of the project. Typically Unitec is used when overlap is planned but lapping length appear to be too short to perform a safe splice. In that case Unitec provides a convenient and full performance connection.

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