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Dextra’s GFRP solutions on Australian projects – the Melbourne Metro case

Melbourne Metro

The Melbourne Metro Tunnel will connect the Sunbury line with the Pakenham and Cranbourne lines

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Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) solutions are frequently used for several applications in civil engineering due to its many benefits compared to alternative, conventional materials:

light weight

A 1/4 of the weight, but 2x stronger in tension compared to steel rebar

For corrosive resistance in acidic and alkali environments

Ideal for temporary applications
100 years of lifetime

Suitable for permanent applications

In mining and tunneling this composite technology has successfully been used for decades, and GFRP is now also available for soil nails and tieback ground anchors.

A perfect showcase of latest GFRP solutions available is the Melbourne Metro Tunnel project, a major enhancement to Melbourne’s rail network: a multibillion-dollar project comprising the design and construction of twin nine-kilometer tunnels and five underground stations.

Dextra supported the project team with its technical expertise on GFRP at design stage and manufactured the GFRP solutions as per the project’s requirements:

combination bolt

ASTEC GFRP Combination Bolts were used as temporary measure to secure the center walls of the 19m wide caverns of the two major CBD stations during construction of two conventional 7m tunnels, built in parallel. Easy removal after completion enabled faster construction progress.

soil nail

GFRP Astec soil nails secure the stations walls under construction. Some of the anchors are located outside the boundary of the project and can remain in the ground as material properties allow for easy cutting at later stage via commonly used excavation equipment.


GFRP ASTEC Soft-Eyes enabled disruption-free penetration of the Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM) through the thick concrete diaphragm walls of five stations. No demolition equipment needed, and no workers required to access the shaft to guarantee the maximum level of safety and efficiency.

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