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Fécamp Offshore Wind Farm

Fécamp Offshore Wind Farm

The 497 MW wind farm, located between 13 and 22 kilometers off the coast of Fécamp, France, includes 71 Gravity Based Structures (GBS: Gravity Based Structures), each of which will support a 180-meter-high windmill. The project will generate electricity equivalent to the power needs of more than 416,000 homes.

Dextra Fortec couplers and headed bars were supplied for these benefits.

Fortec couplers

  • Used for temporary openings to facilitate the movement of materials and personnel during the various stages of construction.
  • Acted as concrete wall starter bars to connect with continuation bars.
  • Aided constructability with climbing formwork for fast cycle GBS building.
  • Improved rebar congestion, avoiding overlapping splices.
  • Dextra couplers are based on a Parallel Thread technology. The same couplers are used for standard connection (when the continuation bar can be rotated) and position connection (when neither bar can be rotated). For Fécamp, the site was equipped with sets of threading equipment.

    Headed bars

  • Improved buildability and on-site productivity by reducing rebar congestion and the steel/concrete ratio.
  • Can be used as shear wall cross ties as an alternative to rebar with hooked anchorage.
  • Suitable for sequenced concrete pours.
  • Suitable for seismic design.
  • Fast to install: reduced labour and crane time.
  • Head can be removed for ease of rebar positional adjustment.
  • Improved concrete compaction and surface quality (reduction of honeycombing).
  • Dextra headed bars were used as an efficient solution for the vertical reinforcement of the foundation. They are an excellent alternative to standard hooked bars, which are difficult to install, particularly when bent on both ends, and to a bonded length of straight or bent rebar acting as an anchorage.

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