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Multitowers residential complex in Bangalore

Dream Acres is a large residential complex (81 acres area) located east of Bangalore in India. The ambitious real estate program features 13 towers of 14 floors built in a record time thanks to the use of precast construction methods supported by a purpose-built factory powered by Vollert equipment.

Dextra supplies owner and developer Sobha with the following products and services:

Groutec couplers, used for the swift connection of precast elements either to a footing or directly to another precast element. On Dream Acres, Groutec couplers advantageously splice load-bearing wall panels together, ensuring a high performance connection and speeding up installation compared to more traditional wet in-situ joint methods.

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Bartec couplers, the high-performance rebar splicing solution is based on two Bartec-threaded bars and a Bartec coupler. Bartec is used across Dream Acres for cast-in-place applications as well as inside the precast elements.

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Rebar preparation services. Dextra India takes in charge the rebar preparation operations using Bartec equipment which is engineered and manufactured by Dextra. Rebar with Bartec-threaded ends are delivered directly to Sobha according to their schedule. Same bars can be used indifferently with Bartec couplers or Groutec couplers as the two solutions take advantage of the same thread system.

Congratulations to Sobha for already completing the first towers ahead of schedule. Dextra teams are looking forward to more successful precast and in-situ connections on the next phases of the project!

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