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New CAD/BIM tools for weldable couplers!

New CAD/BIM components of weldable couplers are available for AutoCAD, Revit and Tekla.

Weldable couplers are used for composite construction where concrete reinforcement bars must be welded to structural steel.

The couplers are specially made from low carbon steel and have a large chamfer for bevel welding.

You can download the component now for free!

Dextra weldable couplers on Revit

How to get started?

1. Download and install weldable coupler component:

    •   For AutoCAD user, download HERE (registration required)

    •   For Revit and Tekla user, download HERE (registration required)

2. Extract the file into the desired folder on your laptop.

3. Follow the step-by-step instructions detailed in the file named “readme.pdf”

4. Select the right coupler size based on your project requirements. Draw the full structure.

5. You can eventually add product specification notes directly on AutoCAD, Revit and Tekla.

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