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New Strategic Partnership with Silva Global in Australia

Building a Stronger Future: Dextra Group and Silva Global Join Forces to Drive Business in Australia’s Infrastructure and Building Sectors

In a strategic move aimed at enhancing customer experience and delivering unique solutions, Dextra Group, a global leader in engineering solutions, has announced its partnership with Silva Global, a prominent local distributor and solutions provider in Australia. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Dextra Group, as it celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. The partnership will specifically focus on the infrastructure and building sectors in Australia, bringing together Dextra Group’s engineering expertise and Silva Global’s deep understanding and reactivity to the local market’s requirements.

Local Partner Advantage: Bringing Unmatched Expertise to the Fore

Silva Global’s strong local presence and extensive knowledge of the Australian market will play a pivotal role in the partnership’s success. The alliance aims to leverage Silva’s ability to react swiftly and efficiently, ensuring prompt service delivery that meets the demanding requirements of the industry. Additionally, Silva Global’s comprehensive stock inventory will enable quick access to products, minimizing lead times and ensuring timely completion of projects. Moreover, the partnership will incorporate value engineering principles, offering cost-effective solutions tailored to the specific needs of clients in the infrastructure and building sectors.

Cutting-Edge Product Solutions for Enhanced Performance

As part of the collaboration, Silva Global will act as the solutions provider partner for Australia, introducing mechanical splice systems, Griptec and Groutec couplers, as well as Dextra’s Structural Bar product range such as Post-tensioning- and Architectural Bar systems to the local market. Griptec, known for its nuclear applications, ensures the structural integrity of concrete connections, while Groutec provides reliable and durable solutions for pre-cast applications. These innovative products will empower Australian clients to enhance the quality, efficiency, and sustainability of their projects, positioning them at the forefront of industry advancements.

Customer-Focused Excellence: Empowering Success

With a shared commitment to customer satisfaction, Dextra Group and Silva Global prioritize exceptional service, prompt assistance, and technical expertise. By maintaining a robust stock inventory of high-quality products, the partnership will enhance accessibility for clients, ensuring they have quick and reliable access to the materials they need for their projects. Through personalized attention and tailored solutions, Dextra Group and Silva Global aim to empower clients to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

The Benefits for Clients and Stakeholders: Delivering Exceptional Results

The collaboration between Dextra Group and Silva Global offers clients access to cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions that will transform their projects. By leveraging Dextra Group’s quality product portfolio and Silva Global’s local presence and technical capabilities, clients can achieve their project goals faster while minimizing their environmental footprint. The partnership also streamlines project management, ensuring smooth execution, cost control, and timely delivery. Clients can expect a comprehensive and integrated approach that exceeds their expectations and delivers exceptional results.

As the infrastructure and building sectors in Australia continue to evolve, the Dextra Group and Silva Global partnership is poised to play a crucial role in driving progress and fostering sustainable growth. With a shared vision for excellence and a commitment to customer satisfaction, this alliance will reshape the industry by delivering advanced solutions, efficient service, and groundbreaking products.

About Dextra Group:
Dextra Group is a renowned global leader in engineered solutions, offering cutting-edge technologies and innovative products to various industries. With a proud legacy spanning 40 years, Dextra Group is committed to providing exceptional value and excellence in all its endeavors while keeping sustainability at the heart of all our activities.

About Silva Global:
Silva Global is a trusted local distributor specializing in the supply of materials and products to the construction industry. With an extensive network and deep understanding of the Australian market, Silva Global delivers prompt service and exceptional solutions to clients across the nation.

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