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Precast Overhead Tanks: Revolutionizing Water Storage to Ensure “Har Ghar Jal”

Understanding the Jal Jeevan Mission

The living standards of rural communities truly represent the development of an emerging economy. The Jal Jeevan Mission of the Government of India is one such flagship initiative where attempts are made to ensure adequate supplies of quality drinking water at affordable rates on a long-term basis. It emphasizes the importance of proper water management, infrastructure development, and community participation. Larsen & Toubro (L&T), along with Dextra, feel proud to associate with this noble initiative and have contributed their best to achieve the ambitious goal of ‘Har Ghar Jal’ (Water to Every Household).


The Need for Overhead Tanks & Precast Construction Method

Considering the widespread geography of India, uneven terrain, and human settlements in remote locations, access to continuous water is a challenge. Therefore, overhead tanks are a good option for efficiently storing and distributing water, particularly in areas with inconsistent water supply patterns.

Construction and infrastructure development are yet another key factors that have a direct influence on development. Precast construction is one such method that has gained tremendous momentum in recent times due to its advantages, such as accelerated productivity, better quality control, environmental friendliness, and optimized material and labor usage. Although this method incurs high initial setup costs, its attractiveness is enhanced by large-scale projects with standardized designs.

Dextra’s Role in the Project

At Dextra, we are always committed to adding value to our stakeholders and society in general through our innovative products and sustainable solutions. Our range of Groutec couplers is arguably the most reliable mechanical splices, specially designed to connect two precast elements with no requirement for in-situ wet concrete joints.

These couplers have been successfully qualified and tested over the years on several major infrastructure projects, including process plant pipe racks, residential and commercial buildings, and data centers, among others. In the project, our team worked in close coordination with L&T from the design stage, carefully selecting Groutec and Bartec couplers to connect the H and U frames of the overhead tanks.

The L&T Testimonial

“When we initially adopted the precast method for constructing overhead tanks, we faced challenges regarding the connection details between precast elements,” explained Ms. Pavani Saroja K, Senior Engineering Manager at L&T WET-IC. “In our quest for a solution, I recalled that Groutec and Bartec couplers had been suggested, so I promptly reached out to Dextra. The test results presented by the Dextra team significantly boosted our confidence in precast connections. These couplers proved instrumental in overcoming our challenges.”

Expanding on their success, she added, “With the assistance of Groutec and Bartec couplers, we’re currently executing over 2,500 overhead tanks using the precast method as part of the Jal Jeevan Mission-Har Ghar Jal initiative in rural villages of Uttar Pradesh State.”

Ms. Pavani Saroja K
Sr Engineering Manager

Ms. Pavani Saroja K

Sr Engineering Manager

Furthermore, L&T has embarked on implementing this precast technology in Madhya Pradesh state, with plans for over 300 overhead tanks. Additionally, the company recently secured two projects in Firozabad and Ballia, UP, each encompassing more than 400 overhead tanks. “For future projects, Groutec and Bartec will certainly remain our top recommended solutions.” 

The partnership between L&T, Dextra, and others in implementing precast overhead tanks stands as a testament to how innovation and teamwork tackle water infrastructure challenges. As the Jal Jeevan Mission aims for clean water in every household, such initiatives not only provide a necessity but also uplift rural communities. With advancing construction methods and committed industry leaders, ‘Har Ghar Jal’ is becoming a reality, promising a brighter, sustainable future.

Location: Uttar Pradesh, India
Year: 2021 - 24
Number of Tanks: 2,500+
Quantity of Couplers: 200,000+

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