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Precaster: Insert Groutec connections in AutoCAD, Tekla, Revit

Are you familiar with the Groutec sleeve system? Groutec is Dextra main precast connection solution. It consists of a sleeve fixed onto the reinforcement inside the precast element thanks to a threaded connection.

At the construction site, connection between two precast elements is achieved by injecting non-proprietary grout in the coupler’s cavity, removing all need for an in-situ wet joint between.

Dextra Groutec AutoCAD tool

How to get started ?

1. Download and install AutoCAD palette .zip >> Download (registration required)
2. Download and open Groutec datasheet >> Download (registration required)
3. Gather precast element dimensions and reinforcement detail.
4. In AutoCAD, insert couplers and/or positioning accessories. Change rebar size by simply clicking on blue arrow..
5. After insertion, product order codes can be retrieved by double clicking on coupler.

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