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Beat rebar congestion with Headed Bars

Headed Bars for shear reinforcement

Headed Bars are anchorages made of a rebar prepared with a thread on which is fixed an end anchor (the head). They generally act as a substitute to hooks in congested reinforcement areas.
Headed Bars are a way for designers to reduce steel congestion. Contractors also appreciate Headed Bars as they improve concrete flow and are easy/fast to install (double heads especially can be locked by rotating the anchor).

Headed Bars are fully compatible with Dextra threaded systems. On Bartec, Fortec, Rolltec, the end anchor is fixed on an A-type threaded rebar. For Griptec, the anchors fit onto a male sleeve. No extra equipment is required.

For more information about technical uses for Headed Bars, please visit the dedicated page:

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