Beat reinforcement congestion with Headed Bars

Headed Bars, also called End Anchors, are mechanical anchorages placed at the end of a rebar. Headed Bars act as a substitute for development length and hook bars.

For designers

Headed Bars allow to reduce steel congestion and steel/concrete ratios. They offer overall better buildability by making possible installation of anchors after the positioning of the rebar. Dimensions of our Headed Bars are available in this website's download section.

For contractors

Headed Bars offer a fast, compact and easy-to-install alternative to hooks, especially on large diameter reinforcement. Headed Bars contribute to reducing crane usage and manpower on site. Concrete flow is also favourably impacted. Rebar preparation can be outsourced or performed ahead of the installation, not slowing down your operations.

For Cut & Bend fabricators

Headed Bars are fully compatible with your existing Dextra thread system. On Bartec, Fortec, Rolltec, the end anchor is fixed on an A-type threaded rebar. For Griptec, the anchors fit onto a male sleeve. No extra equipment is required.


With conventional hooks

With Dextra Headed Bars

Pile caps end anchors

Corners reinforcement

Wall shear reinforcement

Cantilever ends

Beam ends

Shear reinforcement in slabs

Punching shear reinforcement

Precast lap splicing

Precast column anchor bolts

Precast corbel

Headed Bars are used on every continent

Mecca Mataf Expansion, Saudi Arabia

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Cartagena Viaducto Del Manglar, Colombia

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Montreal New Champlain Bridge, Canada

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MahaNakhon Tower, Thailand

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New Bay Bridge San Francisco, USA

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Taishan Nuclear Power Plant, China

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