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Reconstruction of Tai Po Kau Tide Gauge Station, Hong Kong


In the dynamic coastal landscape of Tai Po Kau, New Territories, Hong Kong, infrastructure projects demand robust and resilient solutions. One such endeavor, the Reconstruction of Tai Po Kau Tide Gauge Station project, required innovative materials to withstand the unique challenges posed by its environment. Dextra stepped in to provide approximately 1,000 meters of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) rebar for the ferry pier foundation, showcasing the efficacy of advanced composite materials in marine construction.

The Tai Po Kau Tide Gauge Station project aimed to revitalize the existing infrastructure, enhancing its resilience against tidal forces, corrosion, and environmental degradation. Recognizing the limitations of traditional steel reinforcement in marine environments, the project sought alternatives that could offer superior durability and longevity. Dextra’s GFRP rebar emerged as the ideal solution, offering exceptional resistance to corrosion, rust, and chemical degradation commonly associated with saltwater exposure.

GFRP rebar, composed of high-strength glass fibres embedded in a polymer matrix, delivers mechanical properties comparable to steel but with added benefits. Notably, GFRP rebar exhibits significantly lower thermal conductivity, reducing the risk of thermal bridging and enhancing structural integrity in extreme temperature variations. Furthermore, its non-magnetic properties eliminate electromagnetic interference, making it suitable for sensitive applications such as tide gauge stations.

The application of GFRP rebar within the Tai Po Kau Tide Gauge Station project encompassed both straight and bend bars, catering to the diverse structural requirements of the ferry pier. Dextra’s expertise in custom fabrication ensured precise bending and shaping of the rebar to fit the intricate geometries of the pier structure, facilitating seamless integration and minimizing construction complexities.


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At every moment of your customer journey, Dextra teams dedicate themselves to the production of smart construction solutions that allow our customers to reach higher productivity and safety levels on their construction sites.

Dextra holds physical stocks on several continents, complemented in each country by the local inventories of our distributors. With this extended network, Dextra makes sure our products are always at reach no matter where our partners are.

For solutions that require to be customized, Dextra can also go beyond our standard delivery times and offer accelerated delivery schemes. Consult us for more information.

From 3 major industrial sites located in Bangkok (Thailand), Guangzhou (China), and Pune (India), Dextra completely owns its manufacturing facilities and processes. This allows us to have complete control over the timing of our operations and the quality of the solutions produced.

An independently accredited material testing laboratory, accredited to ISO-IEC17025, is located at Dextra’s main Bangkok factory, allowing the testing of material and products.

Dextra aims to supply products that exceed the most demanding international technical approvals and it is our goal to create maximum customer satisfaction by complying with our clients’ needs and specified requirements.

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